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Telemedicine in High Global Demand "A phenomenon producing Rare Opportunities" Call The Doc is the ten year old telemedicine parent of Medicus Global. Medicus Global is on a very fast pace to expand services worldwide as the demand for high quality telemedicine becomes more acute. Having become the world’s leading authority on this dynamic aspect of modern medicine, Medicus Global has recently added a highly profitable new component to its already exciting profile.  Multiple FDA approved products are now available to anyone who suffers from any types of chronic pain.  The better news is that the majority of insurance companies cover the cost of these pain treatments. Another wonderful aspect of these safe, non-addictive and non-narcotic topical pain creams, is that they will be instrumental in helping people get off hard, dangerous, and addictive pain medication.                            Some of the Unique Products are already FDA approved:                                DNA based cancer scan that will predict predisposition to various types of                            cancer to allow preventative measures. and promote WELLNESS.                                                  DNA Cholesterol Test                            DNA Pregnancy Test   The additional aspect of these products that is quite remarkable is that Associates of our company can earn enormous commissions for referring these products to their friends and family or anyone else. Veterans seeking additional income can also join us and get a 30 day FREE Trial Membership. (See website for details). Please consider taking a few minutes to check these out for yourself.  No one can deny the immense advances in medicine in recent years. Add to that these unique products which will promote WELLNESS!  Please visit my website for additional information.  Do not hesitate to contact me, by email:  or by phone: 1-609-860-0936   Allan L Auguste Authorized Independent Contractor MEDICUS GLOBAL