Visit The Sandy Historical Society Museum in Sandy, OR
It's Like Stepping Back in Time
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The Sandy Historical Society Museums location was built on the exact site of the famous Barlow Road, which was the last leg of the Oregon Trail that brought thousands of pioneers in covered wagons over the Cascade Mountains to Western Oregon from the mid 1840s until the 1870s.

The museums carefully curated exhibits conjure a history and peoples who endured hardship and travail to help bring civilization to our piece of Oregon Territory. The museum's two floors of exhibit space are devoted to the geography, the pioneers and settlers, and their role in the settling of the West.

The main exhibit hall showcases the role of geography in influencing the immigrants to stay in this area rather than push towards the Columbia River. The exhibit hall includes a diorama, video, logging equipment and an excellent collection of photographs of the logging industry, which was the heart of the Sandy economy.

From the kitchen to the parlor, the barnyard to the local shops, the displays in the top floor gallery (accessible by elevator) are meant to be a look back in time. The exhibits include a good selection of home goods that were at the core of home life - cast iron pots, kitchen implements and more. There is also the museum's Jonsrud Library with relevant history volumes and the family histories of Sandy-area families who have submitted them. The family histories also include photographs and obituaries that volunteers have contributed to the paper history.

The Museum also has meeting facilities for rent, a visitor center, and a gift shop. Where there is a large variety of items from the area: souvenirs, hats, t-shirts and logo items. You are sure to find something to take home!

Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 4PM. Sunday & Monday Closed

Come visit us soon, as a visit to the Sandy Historical Society Museum is like stepping back in time.